Final tweaks

If you have followed our past tutorials so far, you would have enough basic knowledge to keep your blog rolling. This particular guide helps you to finalize setting up some of the minor details in your blog.

Here are some final tweaks to do before you embark on your blogging journey:

The General Settings page (Figure 1) enables you to change the name of your blog, your tagline (a catchy sentence or phrase that describes your blog), your email address, and other information.

Wordpress General Settings


Set up your Widgets. In this post, we discussed how to work with widgets.  Of course no one is limiting you how many widgets to place in your blog, but you must prioritize the important ones, including Calendar, Recent Posts, Links, Email Subscription box, and Top Posts/Top Rated. Note, however,  that the more widgets you have, the longer your blog to load. Continue reading

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