Placing a Facebook Like Box on your Blog

Last year we have learned how to create  Facebook page.  In this post, we are going to learn how to embed a Facebook Like box in WordPress blogs. A Facebook Like box enables Facebook users to subscribe to a particular blog or website by clicking the Like button at the top of the box. The Facebook Like box of Blogineering is shown below.

Instructions on Creating a Facebook Like Box

1.) Login to your Facebook account.

2.) Go to your Facebook page and then copy its URL. A Facebook page URL of Blogineering is shown below.

3.) Go to

4.) Paste your Facebook Page’s URL in the Facebook Page URL box. Continue reading

Importing Feedburner feeds to Twitter

In my last post, I discussed how to automatically import blog posts to Twitter via Twitterfeed. In this post, we learn another way; that is, to use Feedburner to feeds to Twitter. Of course, before following this tutorial, you must have a Feedburner account and a Twitter Account.

Steps in Importing Feedburner Feeds to Twitter

1.) Login to your Feedburner account.

2.) Select the feed that you want to import to in the My Feeds… page.

3.) In your feed page, click Publicize tab and then click the Socialize link.


4.) In the Socialize page, click Add a Twitter account button.  This will take you to a Twitter page where you will be asked to log in. Log in to your Twitter page.


5.) After logging in, go back to Feedburner page. You should see your Twitter account as link.  To finish,  click the Activate button at the bottom of the page.

Feedburner to Twitter


After step 5, each time a feed is posted, it will be automatically imported to your Twitter account.

How to automatically import blog posts to Twitter

We have learned how to automatically publicize and share to Twitter in a blog. In this post, we learn how to automatically publish posts to Twitter from a hosted WordPress blog. Before following the tutorial, be sure that you have set up a Twitter account and an RSS feed.


1.) Register a Twitterfeed account.

2.) After registering, login to your Twittefeed account and your Twitter account.

3.) In your Twitter Dashboard, click the Create New Feed button


4.) Type your feed name in the Feed Name box, paste your RSS feed in the next box, and then click the Continue to Step 2 button. This will bring you to the Available Services of the Feed Publishing page. Notice that  Twitterfeed can also be integrated to Facebook,  Linkedin, Status net and Hellotxt.

5.) Select Twitter in the Available Services list. This will bring you to the New Twitter Service page.

6.) In the New Twitter Service page, select the click the Authenticate Twitter button. This will take you to a page where you will be asked to “Authorize Twittefeed to use your account. Now, click the Authorize App button. Your authenticated Twitter account name should appear in the Authenticated Twitter Account list box.

7.) Now, click Create Service button at the bottom-left of the page to finish.

After doing the steps above, everytime you posted a new article, it will be automatically imported as tweet in your Twitter account.

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