Placing a Facebook Like Box on your Blog

Last year we have learned how to create  Facebook page.  In this post, we are going to learn how to embed a Facebook Like box in WordPress blogs. A Facebook Like box enables Facebook users to subscribe to a particular blog or website by clicking the Like button at the top of the box. The Facebook Like box of Blogineering is shown below.

Instructions on Creating a Facebook Like Box

1.) Login to your Facebook account.

2.) Go to your Facebook page and then copy its URL. A Facebook page URL of Blogineering is shown below.

3.) Go to

4.) Paste your Facebook Page’s URL in the Facebook Page URL box.

5.) Adjust the width, height, and width of your Like box.  You have also the option to show the photos of those who liked your page by clicking the Show Faces check box, or show the stream or header of your page by checking the appropriate boxes.

6.) When done, click the Get Code button.

7.) In the Like Box plugin code dialog box, click the IFRAME link and copy the code in the text box.

8.) Paste the code in the text widget of your hosted WordPress blog and click Save.

9. Refresh your browser to view the changes in your blog.  You should see the Facebook Like box in your widget bar.

Now that you have a Facebook Like box in your blog, you can invite your friends to “Like” your page.

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