The benefits of blogging

A lot of people nowadays maintain blogs. Initially, it is the web version of diaries. But with the openness of the internet, blogging has evolved into something quite beneficial for bloggers—be it for personal, social, or business purposes.

For now, we will focus on the personal benefits of blogging.

1.       Improves your writing skill

In blogging, you have to be a good writer to be able to turn out quality posts. If you are not that confident of your writing, blogging will help you improve your article crafting skills over time because not only will you write, you will also be compelled to read a lot of materials online to get your ideas from as well as to visit other blogs to build your community. Such activities will not only enhance your vocabulary skills, you will also get bits and pieces of how to write really good content for your blog.

2.       Expands your knowledge base

Because you will need to read lots of articles – blogs, news, and definitely, articles from Wikipedia – you will definitely increase your knowledge base because of the amount of information you come across. Blogging will also help you become a better researcher because oftentimes, you need to have a good grasp of what you will be writing about.

3.       Name and fame in the blogging world

Continuing to write quality posts in your blog will eventually lead to your readers wanting to know more about you, and recommending your good posts to their friends or networks. And because you are writing about your interests on certain subject matters, people will get to see your expertise on that particular subject, and soon your subscriber base who shares the same interests will definitely grow.

4.       Building a network

This is related to Point 3. As people with the same interests get to know more about your blog and your expertise on the subject you are writing about, this will lead to your community or network of other bloggers. You will eventually be opened to the world of other successful bloggers, and know their thoughts, ideas and opinion on your topic.

5.       Motivation

Knowing that people do read your blog posts, and seeing their wonderful comments or constructive criticisms, will really push you more to write more on the subject and deepen your understanding or knowledge of the subject you are writing about. You will be motivated to write more and connect more with them.

6.       Income

Definitely, a lot of bloggers out there have monetized their blogs after a certain period of time of maintaining them. In fact, the potential income part is one of the reasons some people do jump to blogging. But of course this is not easy; you have to establish yourself first in the blogging world, and you have to make sure your articles are really relevant to your readers. This way, they will continue to visit your blog, and after a while, start interacting more with you through your blog. Eventually, as you gain the name in your subject matter in the blogging world, potential advertisers in the same space would get to notice your blog, and as they begin to feel confident, advertisements/sponsorships could begin to come in. But of course there are no shortcuts to this. You have to religiously update and maintain your blog, interact with your readers, and build your community.

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