Blog appearance, design, and structure tips 2

In the previous post, we have discussed some tips about designing blogs. In this post, we are going to suggest the pages, widgets, and sharing buttons that you should place in your home page. We are not saying you include them all, but you might want to experiment to see their effect to your traffic.

  • Post List Tab/Page. As early as one month, create a Post List tab or page. This will enable you to organize your posts list later.  If your blog has grown much, you may want to create a page for each ‘big’ category. An example of this is Math and Multimedia, our main blog . Oor posts are divided into four: Mathematics, Multimedia, GeoGebra, and All4Free(for freebies).
  • Calendar Widget. Many blog platforms include a calendar of posts. This will make navigation easier and would likely generate more traffic. In most calendar widgets, the colored dates indicate that a post was made.

  • Top Posts/Popular Posts. If people visit a blog with a lot of posts, aside from searching in the search box, they would probably take a peek at the most popular posts. Continue reading

Blog appearance, design, and structure tips 1

Aside from the content of your blog, the two other things that you should consider are its appearance and ‘structure.’ These things represent you — these are the what readers see first. If you own a restaurant, for example, to attract customers you would probably make the front of your building as clean as possible; you probably would put some streamers with a catchy tag line; or you would probably display large tarpaulins or posters of our best menus.

Sashimi Plate

This is similar to blogs. To attract readers, in your posts, you would probably want to add a very intriguing photos, or think of titles that are puzzling, thought provoking, or controversial. You do not want your blog to be cluttered and disorganized. You would want  the appearance of your blog simple, easy to read, and elegant. The list below are some of the most practical tips on how to improve the design and appearance of your blog.  Continue reading

Running out of space?

One thing that new bloggers usually worry is file of storage. for instance, as of this writing, only gives 3GB of storage, so if you are storing heavy graphics or video files, you’re probably be out of space after a while.

Inspired by Bob

Worry no more because there are a lot of  free line storage sites that you can use. Here are some of the most popular storage sites used by bloggers on the web: Continue reading

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